Scam report about Ludmila Luda

First name:  Ludmila
Last name:  Luda
Location:  Russia
Phone:  1-796-258-84657
On websites:  Yahoo Personal
Report:  Ludmila Luda is asking for money to buy visa and supposedly lives in Russia. Here is one of her emails: Hello my love Jean! As soon as I have received your letter I could not constrain some tears of pleasure and admiration about you. I understand now that for happiness is necessary only that people was together, and you this person for me, you know that. You know to me it seems that my life began just now when I have met you. I know with beginning, that you for me more than the friend, and it at once was clear for me, I can not constrain the feelings to you, I love you!!! I love you so much!!! It is very important for me that you knew as strongly I love you! I do not like to hurry. but last events do not give me to sit on a place, I so strongly want be a with you that I can not wait. I have talked to my parents and has informed them that I want to arrive to you that we could carry out some time together and probably if our desires will coincide that I can remain with you my love Jean! If we shall want that we can remain together for ever, you want it? My love Jean, I want it very much!!! I ask that you did not think that I have made the decision spontaneously, I long thought of it. And to make such complex decision, to me has helped, love to you! My mum has blessed me on this trip, she wants that we were happy. Mum has told that I have the happiest eyes when I speak about you, yes it is the truth I is very happy that we now are familiar also I thank the god for that that he has present to us - love! I love you Jean!!! I very happy that we can was together and I want that it happened as soon as possible. I already spoke earlier, that I could not sit on a place and consequently I have decided to find out as I can arrive to you. I went to firm which is engaged in official registration of papers for arrival in other countries, and have found out about arrival in your country. For this purpose it is necessary for me to make passport, the visa and some other documents. But there is one BUT! It is difficult for me to speak about it but I should tell you. It is expensive, even very is expensive for me, the passport costs 130 dollars. The visa to my travel to you costs 215 $. The visa will operate 3 months. Therefore we can be together 3 months if we shall want. I think, that this time will be enough that we could learn each other well, and planned our joint future. You agree with me? Therefore, that I could travel to you, to me it is necessary 345 $, for registration of all necessary documents for my travel to you. Can you help me? I think that our meeting will be fine, probably to me it is necessary to fly to you by the plane, I am afraid of it a little, but I shall not be afraid that I shall fly to you, my love Jean! I ask that you have written to me about it I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Your love Ludmila

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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