First name: Alina
Last name: Zozulya
Aka: Lina
Age: 27
Location: Rovenki, Ukraine
Address: Rovenki,str. S.RAZINA,20/15
Phone: 380939434506
On websites: Anthea club
Report:     For my dear Shiva from Lina!‏ From: Sent: 18 June 2010 17:26PM To: shivaprasad bagamane ( 1 attachment With my m...JPG (53.5 KB) Hello my dear Shiva, Honey, I read everything what you sent me for these some days attentively! Shiva, I want to be very frankly and open with you and I hope that you will appreciate this! When you wrote me that you wanted to send me a package, I thought about this and I want to ask you about! For me it will be useful if you send me your surprise in money equivalent! I understand that you just want to make me a present but really dear, I will be more happy if you can send me some money and I will buy really what I need now! You want to send me clothes, but honey, I'm a sewer, I can easily to sew by myself as I much better know what I need to have from clothes! My dear, Shiva, I do not want to offend you but I just want to be real with you and you can make me presents when we will be together and now I really need a lot of other things then clothes or something else! Shiva, we need to buy very expensive medicines for my father that is why I told you that I do not need a package! But my dear, really please, just do not offend on me because of this my e-mail, ok? I really-really do not want to make you sad or something like this, I just want to be honest and I know that you are very kind and very good man and I hope that you will understand me! Kiss you my dear Shiva and I will wait for your call! Your Lina
Status of report: is still without proof