Scam report about Natalya 

First name:  Natalya
Age:  28
Location:  Salavat, Russia
Address:  Milkova, 7/25, Salavat, Bashkortostan Republic.
Report:  All the letters I have researched from other men about Natalya are exactly the same as the ones she has sent me! She is really good. Be Careful. They are as reads: Hi, my dear Adam!!! > > How is your mood? I am very happy, > I have some news. > Today at my work my boss has praised me for my work. > I had long conversation with her and she told me that I work very well > and I sighed many contracts for our company. > She told me that she will give me holiday > and I shall receive the premium for the well done job. > I was very glad to get this good news. > > I think that we can get know each other closer. > As you know, if you meet someone you must see, if everything beautiful in > a person - face, clothing, spirit > and mind. > As for me I judge not by person’s appearance. > The most beautiful thing, which I like in man is his spirit, not the face. > I think that if the man has nice spirit, he is the best man in the world. > As for me I have everything but not love that’s why I decided to write > you. > I hope that everything will be all right. > And what do you think about it? > > It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person, > and I would like to know you better. > It is my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with > somebody. > > However now I want to say you some word about my city. > Salavat is little city in Russia (Bashkortostan Republic). > The population is here about 45 000 people. > By the way, my address: Milkova, 7/25, Salavat, Bashkortostan Republic. > Tell me about your city???? > Hope to hear from you very soon!!! > Take care, > Your Natalya. Hello my dear !!! > It was pleasant for me to receive your letter. How are you? Everything > is well here. > > Nevertheless I want to tell in this letter slightly about what I like to > eat and prepare. > You know that I like to cook!!! Everything I was learned from my mum. > I cook almost everything. These are various soups, a ragout, pies, > salads and many other things. > In the best way I like to cook our national Borsh. > Have you ever heard about it? > I like to cook pies that I usually prepare them with a cherry and > apricots. > Do you love pies? If yes, with what? > Still I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I can cook it. > Have you ever tasted Russian dish??? I'm sure that there are some > Russian > restaurants in your country, are not there?!!! > What food do you prefer, what cuisine? In Russia there are a lot of > usual products and unusual dish, but i hear that foreigners always like > Russian food!!! > There is a great choice of soups and dessert dishes. > Russia is famous for red caviar, with pancakes usually . > it's very healthy for your health, As for cold dishes it's very tasty > cold boiled pork with spices(buzhenina), jellied tongue, meat jelly and > horseradish sauce and various salads. I can cook all of them!!! > There are plenty of soups: cabbage soup, kidney and cucumber soup > (rassolnik), meat and fish, salyanka, mushroom soup. > I should tell you that it is very pleasantly to read your letters. > In my life there was only one man who left me long time before. > All over again he seemed to me kind and attentive. > I trusted him and he deceived me all time. > He went to the other girl. And I had to forgive him. > It is difficult for me to speak about it but I simply wanted to say you > about it. > I think that you can understand it. > So hope to hear you as soon as possible. > Your Russian friend Natalya. Hello my dear Adam!!! > How are you??? Hope you are fine :) > I would like to tell you some things and please let > me know what do you think about it. Ok? > I am looking for a serious relationship, somebody who can understand me > and whom I can understand. > I think relationship between man and women is most important, a man > should always treat a woman nice and with love and respect, who stands > by her in bad and good times and takes care of all her necessities. > He should give her all love he can so that she feels like the > luckiest person on this earth. > Similarly a woman should do the same for man, to support him all the > time, to be with him when he needs her. > I think love is the key, a very important factor in a relationship and > only way you can make somebody love you if you are honest, sincere, > faithful to that person. > Also I would like to tell you some words what i did today. > > Today when I was at work a very solvent client came to our company. He > wanted to insure the real estate. > He has arrived to our republic from republic Komi. > It is in the north of Russia and he speaks Russian very bad. > I have spent about three hours explaining him rules of our insurance. > And at the end of our conversation we agreed to insure his apartment in > our company. > My boss promised me to give me holiday soon :))) > So I would like to tell you what I like to do and I hope that you will > be glad to read it. So I like to watch new films in the cinema, also i > like to read books and what about you? > Tell me what films you like and what kind of books you like to read. > May be you are already bothered to read my letter. > As for me I like actress Angelina Jolia. > Most of all I like film with her participation which is called

Status of report:  is still without proof

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