Scam report about Leslie Andre

First name:  Leslie
Last name:  Andre
Aka:  Ally Steven, Kathy Grubb
Age:  32
Location:  Nigeria
On websites:  Dating Couch
Report:  This is one to watch out for..She/He has sent me the same email's under (3) three diffrent names now..Claims to be a genral contractor who live's in the USA but is in Nigeria to buy granet and other supplies and claim's to recieve her payment but cannot cash the check's in Nigeria because the check's are writen on a bank in the US and she needs money to come back home to the US..She/He has givin (3) diffrent states when she/he is suppose to live..There is no record of her living in any of the US states..She/He is just another scammer to stay clear of..

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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