Scam report about Zoya 

First name:  Zoya
Age:  28
Location:  Azanovo, Russia
Report:  Zoya has been emailing me for ten weeks now. Long detailed very romantic letters with quite a few pics as well. To give her her due she has tried really hard, very personalised letters, answering my questions. I thought from the outset that she was a scammer but was awaiting the proof. Today she has finally gone down the route of asking for money and quite a lot at that $2000 in fact. What a shame! She was going to come over here live with me and be happy ever after, she's even a virgin at 28!? Whatever next. These girls must think we were born yesterday. Obviously I didn't send her any money, so cannot report that it vanished after sending.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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