Scam report about ALexa 

First name:  ALexa
Aka:  you tell me
Age:  dont know
Location:  KIEV UA
On websites:
Report:  I had spent some time helping a client from Cancun, Mexico. Nice friendly guy. Spent some time on dating sites, made some typical mistakes, but had a back-up plan. His girl was from and in Sumi. Nice big village. Girls unspoiled yet. Yet... Well, maybe after his visit is over... Joke. First day he showed up (2 weeks ago) he called some dating agency, which was supposed to set up a date with super beauty #1 on their site. I immediately had a strange feeling something will go wrong... He did not ever show me that date's profile online. I just had this weird feeling... He calls the agency. Agency says: Well, her mom died recently and she is not into dating mood. And hung up. He paid for this date month ahead. Hung up. He wanted to find their office and get back his 50 USD, but did not have time or just did not care much or delayed it after he would return from Sumi, to where he was leaving next day. Never really cared for this beautiful Fotoshop type Cinderella #1. OK, $50 is not a big loss for the guy. He has something like a bay or a port storage for keeping yachts and boats or rich Americans, so he makes quite enough money to live on. Nice little business. After all, I have invitation to visit him in Cancun, BTW : ) So, back to the story. I put him on the Marshrutka to Sumi with 80 UAH ticket leaving even hour. He calls me one day later - he is in love. Great! Super! 10 days later he comes back to Kiev to spend few days here before the plane to Amsterdam and from there straight to Cancun. All of sudden, the first date arises back into his attention. Ether he called the agency to get re-fund, or the agency called him to set up date, because they did not want to give refund. He asked me to talk to agency in Russian on his behalf. Agency said we have to come to the office first, to file some papers and to sign something. Ok. Address ? - out in middle of nowhere, edge of town, barracks type ghetto. I kindly ask, well, since your interpreter has to be present 100% at the first meeting - why don't we sign all your paper right there, 5-10 minutes ahead of the date? Taxi to that address would cost 100 UAH one way, plus one hour of time in traffic jam. Same on the way back to downtown. I know the guy is a bit short of money by now. So, they agree. Manager of the agency and interpreter at the same time comes 10 minutes ahead of the date and 150 meter South-East of location. Location. Here is thing. They pick the spot where they want to meet. Guess where? One of expensive fancy restaurants. Of course. Now start to dislike the whole idea. Ok. We meet. The interpreter-manager jokes: I have to make sure you are nice (naive fool), not a sex-manic (impotent old fart), and a businessman type of guy (have money and credit cards to be scrambled from you). Then MANAGER says - You know my AUNT died recently, she must be sad, don't mention this topic, this is why she could not meet you a week ago... - Well, I hope we will enjoy her company tonight... AUNT OR MOM ? AGENCY contradict to its own facts. And I ask her: - wait a minute, MOM or AUNT? - never mind, just don't mention it. A RELATIVE. Now I think it would be important to remember, unless you have 5 Moms and only one aunt. I kinda start to laugh inside myself and watch this circus go on. My mexican buddy feels the same, but yet still does not want to believe it... He was hoping he did not spent his earned in hard work Mr.Grant in vain... And hopes he will avoid huge bill in that expensive bloody restaurant, the one and only place where scammers have a habit to dine and relax. MANAGER did not check anything, asked nothing else, took us to the restaurant. We sat down. 1 minute later the girl shows up. She shoved up in dress which can make me say she shoved just naked. Not a sign of decency. Red flag number hundred and something... First question: Hello, do you like me? -yes... -did you see my video on the site? -no -why? -well, I still recognize you by photos, though you look a bit different (even more plastic I should add) Next this guy gives her perfume,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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