Scam report about Kimberly Belcher

First name:  Kimberly
Last name:  Belcher
Age:  35
Location:  United Kingdom London
On websites:  Lesbian Websites
Report:  This lady passes herself off as an Anglican Missionary from the U.S.She attempts to get money from you by asking for donations first. Then she has to go to London to pick up some of her deceased fathers things from a security company, called Dwight Seair Securities. Dwight Seair is supposedly a securities company that deals with things with diplomatic immunity. She starts asking you for money to help her get the shipment of her fathers valuables home all the while pledging un ending love. It goes on and on and no matter how much money you send it is never enough to get the shipment home and then get her home. But she writes the most beautiful love letters. But when the money stops so does the love letters and the love.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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