Scam report about Julia Kungurova

First name:  Julia
Last name:  Kungurova
Aka:  Yulia
Age:  27
Location:  Russia, Stavropol
Report:  I live in Stavropol. It is situated in the Southern part of the Russia. My profile says Canada because it would not let me log under Russian citizen, I know Canada is just the other side of the USA border so I am a little further away than you think. I'm 27. I am single, never been married. I see my future husband and I as a partnership between equals. All the important questions should be discussed together. And I'd like to do it in the intelligent and peaceful manner. I like children very much. I think children are fascinating! I like its tenderness and naivety. And when it come time to have children I would like to bring it up in the christian values. I'm working in business. I enjoy my job, as it is very interesting and creative. My interests are very different. I like reading books, watching TV, listening to the music. I am fond of dancing. I usually go in for sports for keeping myself in a good shape and to be healthy. I am fond of travelling and enjoy the nature. Hi dear! I am very pleased, as always, to get your letter. And I miss you and look forward to our meeting. I am thinking of you always when I work and when I have rest, in the morning and evening. I am starting to pick up some things to come to Moscow to meet you there. As for the money, thank you for suggesting your help. I need 350$ to buy the tickets to Moscow and to pay for taxi and I am going to buy the tickets for us to Stavropol from Moscow. It is better to do it beforehand. I am too not very good familiar with the system of sending the money but we have Western Union here and many people use it. I have to tell you that I am going to come to Moscow with my friend. She is very nice girl and can speak English well. She will help us to communicate at the beginning, if you don't mind. You are right, Stavropol is rather far from Moscow(nearly 1200 km) but I will have somebody to chat at the plane. I have a busy week with my work. You can send me 1000 dollars? I would like to buy to myself a fur coat. At us it became very cold Hi my love! Thank you for your transfer, I received today without problem. I will happy to meet you in Moscow with my friend. My dear, I have one dream, I would like to have mobile phone, All my friend have and I would like to have too. Maybe you could to buy it for me in your country. I very like Sumsung T-500 or Sumsung S-300 . It's really my big dream and maybe you can to be my wizard:-)) And my dream will come true. I will very grateful you. Also my daddy when I tell him that you will come to visit me, he would like to ask you to my cigarette for him. Hi hear that

Status of report:  is still without proof

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