SCAM REPORT ABOUT  lovely leah lines

First name: lovely leah
Last name: lines
Age: 28
Location: midland oregon
Email: lovely
On websites: dating
Report:     leah contacts you and ask you to get a date varification so she runs you through several porn dating sites and tells you after you have signed up that that one didnt work and gets you to go to many sites then after your sinned to several porn sites she says you have to send money to a manager that will give her a release number then she will come to your home and stay for a few days and treet you as a king well for some reason she doesnt come then she will telll you that she is being held thair and wants out and she has fallen in love with you and wants to stay with you for ever if you will buy her contract this goes for a while finly she will just stop talking to you by this time you are out several hundred dollars you always send it to the philllipens trrugh western union or moneygram to the following people deevey gloria christoneyatid anthonycinco junjun arbin this is definatly a groupe of scammers
Status of report: is still without proof