Scam report about kate smith

First name:  kate
Last name:  smith
Age:  28
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  amateur match
Report:  She has been emailing me and talking to me online through the medium of yahoo messenger. She has been asking me 150usd to pay for internet bills. 115 to pay for pants, medication and menstruation pads for her period. She has also demanded money for drugs and most recently she demanded 300 usd for clothes as she was apparently attending a job interview. These expenses mentioned are only few that i have mentioned. There are many more. No thankfully i did not contribute to any of these expenses because i have been pretty suspicious of her. This is a conversation I obtained that I had with her a couple of months back kate smith: Hello my love kate smith is Available Me: hi love how are u kate smith: Am fine and you? Me: very good so u have established wat i look like kate smith: Yes you really look great Me: thank you love i think you look nicer though how r u getting on in nigeria kate smith: Thanks What are you up to? Me: well i had the whole weekend off studying for exams i didnt do much because i have been thinking about u kate smith: Yes and i will like to gop to my Mr. Right Me: sori luv i dont get ya kate smith: I mean i will like to go to my love that i will spend the rest of my luife with Me: which is me i presume.. kate smith: Yes sure Me: im mr far from right to be perfectly honest love kate smith: Why that my love Me: ive been thinking about getting married luv kate smith: With another woman ? Me: u dear of course i have no other love of my life only from u kate smith: Alright i thought you are planning it with another woman Me: no why would you think that of me hun kate smith: Is just the way you sound Me: babe i want u 2 b my wife kate smith: Honey i am lil sad here Me: tell me im sad because i have no money to free you kate smith: What do you mean babe? Me: i have no money to pay your bills and i feel bad so kate tell me why u r sad kate smith: Is not that one I want to use this to buy some pads kate smith: For my menstruation period Me: ok so u dont have money for pads kate smith: I am very broke for now I dont have any money cos i have paid for all my bills Me: wat will happen if u dont buy the pads kate smith: Dont you know that result? I will wet with blood everyday Me: in that case how much are pads dear Overt menstruation (where there is bleeding from the uterus through the vagina) i no alright princess kate smith: Yes It's 115euro Me: babe i dont want u 2 suffer u no wat i want to know is ur broke u ave no money for pads how bad would the bleeding be cause i can help u kate smith: You think i am lying to you my love? Me: absolutely not i trust and love every single bone of your body kate smith: Oh babe i can understand but can you tell me why are you doing this to me? ? I rreally love you and i want you to know that you are the only mahn i have in my life and i wil, be great if yuou can do this for me honey Me: have you ever went without a pad during your lifetime are u desperate 4 cash cause i can help u kate smith: no way...i dont do that ccmon Hey i don't like kidding if you want to help me just tell me okay.... Me: how much 115 ill help u princess kate smith: Yeah babe if you really lov me and you care for me i will be gr eat if you do this for me and i promise i will never let you down in anyway Me: anytin for my future wife to be kate smith: Oh okay i hope you not kiding me with this? ? Me: why would i kid bout playing around with someone who could wet blood from their vagina as a result of my negligence not to get money i wud hate 4 u 2 suffer luv have u not went through enough torment kate smith: Oh thats nice so can yoiu tell me when do you think yiou can get the money sent to me honey? Me: well mayb tomorrow how urgent is the situation do u ave any pads at all kate smith: No way...I want you to do it early tomorrow morning alright if you love me and you don't wannt me down all i have am using today Me: how many pads would you go through kate smith: about a cartoon and i want you to know that i will need yo get some pants and some med but my love i need to do this before things get bad in my body part kate smith: i must get that so i can change always so i wont be wet alot thats why and there are some medicine i have to take during tha period Me: but if u get the pads on time that shouldnt happen 2 u correct if i get the money for u tomorrow kate smith: are you trying to take me for granted just bcos am asking for you 115$$? ? kate smith: Oh i hope so but can you tell me what time are you going to get the money sent? ? Me: babe i will alleviate u of ur difficulties cause i love u so much bout 1 in the afternoon if any problems arise email me tomorrow kate smith: why cant you send the money when you going to school in the morning Dan? Me: dats when my lectures start dear and i have to study for examinations love is that too late a time to send cause if it is tell me and ill go in earlier kate smith: I want you to go ealry my love Me: would you bleed if u didnt get the money by early tomorrow i dont mean that in a sadist way now kate smith: Oh yeah i will babe just please dont let me down and do you promise you wont let me down Dan? ? i hope you still have my info with you to send the money Dan? ? Me: yes precious im sori for asking this disturbing question but what would the extent of the bleeding be i hav ur details kate dont worry kate smith: can i see so i will be sure? ? Me: ya you mailed it to me one day kate smith: can you show me on here? ? ? Me: im not going to go through my inbox so can u give the details again so ill save them to my mobile phone andv wats ur mobile no kate smith: +2348020909048 you can only text me on that ok...cos i cant recieve calls on the phonce due to the ear piece prob can you text me now? ? Me: ok love yes precious im sori for asking this disturbing question but what would the extent of the bleeding be kate smith: But you know that if i don't get all the med and the pad imediately if can go worst to mesterial pains... kate smith: can you text me on my phone now? ...and i will reply you? ? Me: k i have to go luv kate smith: Oh alright i will be looking forward for the info to pick the money up here? ? i think you know how to send money from there? ? Me: yes westlink is wat i use kate smith: you mean western union? ? ? Me: yes my bad kate smith: oh okay that will b nice my love Me: yes i had to help a female friend of mine in nigeria using westlink 2 i am useless kate arent i kate smith: Oh not really ccmon why do you say that? ? Me: cause i ask stupid q kate smith: Not really ccmon Me: k love when will u b online again kate smith: i will be online by 11 am tomorrow okay... will you be online then? ? Me: no sunday next week at 7 baby kate smith: what do you mean? ? are you not sending the money tomorrow anymore? Me: ill b online then kate smith: alright Me: 2 talk 2 ya kate smith: okay have a nice day i hope you will send the money before 11am tomorrow? ? Me: ok love so we meet up sunday next at 7pm kate smith: oh but you will be online what time tomorrow morning? ? Me: bout 10.30am kate smith: okay i will be online for you Me: and next sunday at 7 kate smith: okay she also sent this to my email proclaiming her

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