Scam report about kate wilson

First name:  kate
Last name:  wilson
Aka:  stephanie jessica wilson
Age:  25
Location:  lagos, nigeria norway
Phone:  +2348169662600
On websites:  adultfriendfinder
Report:  dear sir/madaam I am writing in regards to aka stephanie jessica wilson I am not sure how to attach the letter or what you mean by only photo with report will be accepted. I have the letter's in my hotmail. Jessica said she was living in banff with a friend but then her friend took off to sri lanka with her boy friend so she was all alone. She wrote in her letter that she was going to lagos, nigeria to claim her fathers property. He supposedly owned an oil company. When she got there she had problems claiming the money because it did not reach maturity. Yesterday she sent me an email writing that her airline ticket was going to expire right away, but could not fly because she owed the hotel money and they were holding her ticket. I tried giving her different ideas but that did not work. She wants me to send 600 euros to pay the hotel bill. I have not called the number she gave me, cause I asked if I could talk to the manager of the hotel to make sense of it. She said speak softly because the manager was hot tempered already for her not paying the bill. She also wrote that when she gets back that she has jewerly worth 3000 usd. She wrote that her parents died when she was 3 in an accident or something like that a bit confusing. She wrote that she lived in ireland with her grama and spoke a some dutch. She said she had tears and love for me and she is very convincing with such a detailed story. She is good at what she does. I have not yet sent the money I thought I would check her out first thank goodess I did. I am still in contact with her via email. This person needs to be stopped. I dont know if it is illegal to get suckers to send money but it is not right by all means. Thank you, hope there isnt another girl with the same name. I doubt it I am a very trusting individual, if you have any questions or need prove of the letters please email me, thanks for your time and consideration

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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