Scam report about Jenny Pugsley

First name:  Jenny
Last name:  Pugsley
Age:  26 or 27
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Report:  I joined Connecting Singles and the very next day Jenny wrote me this long letter saying she fell in love with me immediatly and wanted to be with me. she had a successful business and was was on a business trip in Lagos, then she emailed me said she was in hospital for stress, then the next day she was in hospital for malaria and need money wired from western union for the medication or she was going to die. I sent the money.Then all of a sudden her business went belly up and she has no money and wants me to send her money to get back to the states to meet me... there have been alot of red flags. One day she says something and the next she changes it. she says she has an apartment in Texas, i googled that address and its a ups store. so i tell her that and she says oh i gave the wrong address. She writes emails to me that I could not believe. All about God, trust, honesty, love and so much more. always calls me Prince charming. At first I trusted everything she was saying then things just did not add up. People like this really need to be stoped. Oh she loves me more then she has ever loved anyone. I have never even met her. Now she consantly is emailing me begging for money and how she's going to be stuck there not because i will not help her and she only wants to be with me. She goes on and on about how much she loves me. Theres so much more, but I cant write it all.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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