Scam report about Batalema Abudusamed

First name:  Batalema
Last name:  Abudusamed
Aka:  Batalema, A, Melissa Harrington, and Ludmila Ankina
Age:  34
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  +233543458928
On websites:
Report:  I met her on AFF about 25 July 2010. After 2 or 3 short messages there, we decided to chat on yahoo IM, and also by email. She sent me a letter of intorduction on 29 Jul, very sweet about her and what she was looking for. In hindsight it was of course similar to me. Initially we talked about likes and dislikes and general things around the world, all seemed innocent, then of course the emails started getitng more intimate. on the 3 Aug I became suspicious, because of contradictionsin her emails, but also she called me, and she definately did not sound south african or american. I setup an investigation with on the 3 Aug. I kept corresponding with her so as not to arrouse suspicion , but also 'just in case it was OK' IN her emails she had told me that she was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and moved to Ghana when she was about 16 years old. She had sent me a copy of her passport, which to me looked genuine enough, other than the name did not match the face in my opinion. Her father supposedly died in 2004 in the mines of Ghana, and they took away their failies house a year later and gave them some money to find a new house and start a business, not enough she said.She apparently works in a big shopping mall in Accra, selling knick knacks i suppose i would call it. I received the report back from on the 7 Aug as promised. It confoirmed all my suspiciouns. Her passport was fake, as was her name, her current alias is already known, they are uinable to prosecute because of the corruption in the local police force. She only hionted at not having mney, but she was dstrong about her undying love for me. She apparently goes to church on Sundays with her mum and sister. (Kathy and Marian. Not sure whne i get to send photos and documents, obviously i cannot here.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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