Scam report about Hannah Mensah

First name:  Hannah
Last name:  Mensah
Age:  32
Location:  Accura Ghana
Phone:  002-332-4195250
On websites:  Bearshare, Yahoo Msg
Report:  Hannah wrote to me via BearShare/Yahoo Msgr & wanted to meet a good man. We talked a few days & she was already in love with me (yea right). Then she decided to ask me to send her a brand new laptop. After that she wanted to come & visit me. Money was involved of course! She was so serious about me that she was willing to show me her breast on live video (Yea right again!) She says she needed the laptop for some art job she had. She even sent me pics of some girl, then had the nerve to show me a live video of herself. Needles to say, they were two different people. Hannah even sent me love poems to cover up my questions as to how could she fall in love in a week. This women had so many holes in her story that it made her appear stupid. If she spends more time asking God for a good man she wouldn't have to use scams which she is so very bad at! Someone hurry & catch this girl, she needs to find a new occupation. Plus she give scammers a bad name!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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