Scam report about Elena sieljaninova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  sieljaninova
Age:  28
Location:  russia Belozerikha
Address:  petrova 2 , 606230 Belozerikha nizhegorodskaya oblast russia
Report:  She started contacting me on 8 july 2010. Allmost on a daily base. I have reply on her messages but always was a little suspicious about it . i have check her ip adress on the internet and saw similar posts on different blogs. here ar some of her letters she wrote to me. letter 1: It is very pleasant to me to write to you my new friend! Your structure has very much liked me. It seems to me that you is that person whom I search. I shall tell a little about myself. I the nice girl. My name - Elena. What is your name? Tell to me more about you. I wish to find second half. I search responsible for the man with concrete intentions. I very much would like to start to write to you. I hope has interested you and this letter does not remain without attention. You can write to me on mine e-mail . I shall wait your answer. I shall necessarily answer you and I shall send my foto! Elena! letter 2: Hello, my dear friend wim! My name is Elena. You can tell me also Lena. I like the name Elena most of all. Do you like my name? I hope that yes... You know, it is my first experience of the Internet - acquaintances. I have never done it earlier. But I have the great occasion to do it. Once I’ll tell you about it!!! I have always lived in a small city, practically in a village. It’s a very beautiful place! As soon as I had finished my school, I left my city for studying. I have graduated for a long time ago and now I work and live independently in Belozerikha. Belozerikha is also a very beautiful city. It’s a typical Russian city. Houses, parks, prospectuses and churches. I really got used to live here. I have my work, friends and my independence. I appreciate my independence very much. Belozerikha - too a beautiful city.. I am 28 year old. To my mind, it’s a good age for a young lady. My growth is 170 sm, my weight is 55 kg. I’m slim. I like sports. In my opinion, a girl should keep fit. It keeps body and health both! I send you my photo. You can see my appearance. You know, I’m not so photogenic. My photos are not usually so nice. But they are necessary to see a partner for changing correspondence. I hope, you like my photo. By the way, I’ll also wait for your photos. It is rather important and interesting to me. I like pleasant and gentle music. Besides, I like to watch sensitive films. I have some friends. And I spend much of my free time with them. I’ve good sense of humor and like to laugh at good jokes. I have no bad habits; I don’t smoke and take no alcohol. I think a girl shouldn’t have any bad habits. My parents are doctors. So I know about the harm, what brings nicotine and alcohol. My mum is a children's doctor. My daddy is an ambulance surgeon. I am the only child in the family. I would like to have the brother or sister but I realize that it’s too late. I work as a lawyer in small lawyer’s consultation. We don’t have many clients. Our work is really hard, because every person is different. That’s why I have to explain some things many times. But I like my job. I get good experience at my job. I hope I’ll work at a good lawyer’s consultation or firm soon. I have made it my aim! And I must reach it! I have no computer at home. Only at my work, but in other cabinet. But that computer has no access to the Internet. That’s why I’ll have to go to an Internet cafe to write you a letter. It is convenient for me. All O.k.! Probably I’ll finish for today. The letter turned out to be really HUGE!!!Unfortunately I can not write such letters. I would like to tell so much in the letter. May be you’re tired of reading it…sorry. I’m waiting for your reply. I’m waiting and hope. Hope to be interesting for you. Elena. letter 3: HELLO wim !Thanks for your photo! Thanks a lot for your reply for my letter. I should tell you again how pleasant it is for me to get letters from you. Pleasant to realize the fact, that you’re interested of me. So, let’s continue… Let’s continue our acquaintance. I think I should tell you about my reason of searching in Internet. I have promised to do it. O.k. I have never believed in changing correspondence. I have never believed in opportunity to find a love in Internet. It seemed to be impossible. I thought it was just a game for people. I have never noticed sincerity and feelings in it. Have never wished to see it. And all has changed casually! It happens often, when an occasion changes everything. I have the closest and the best friend Marina. She always was an adventurous, courageous, cheerful and even a desperate person. Marina never was afraid of anything new and interesting. In a secret of me she addressed in an agency. I didn’t know anything for a long time. And once she told me everything. Everything about her act and her LOVE. I was shocked. It turned out that Elena had mate a man. John! They had fallen in love promptly. Had fallen in love through letters. Had fallen in love for ever. My friend took her suitcase and dashed away. Dashed away, towards her destiny. Contrary to my affairs and speeches. Contrary to all!!!!!!Some months later I was a bride’s friend at their wedding. Yes! They got married. They are absolutely happy and have a child now. Elena and John is an ideal pair. An ideal family. Certainly somebody can say that no ideal exists and the love is a myth. Somebody can not to trust and doubt. But I know this family, I saw their eyes, which were full of love. I saw the tears of happiness in John’s eyes when they danced at their wedding. It seems to be a fairy tale. A fairy tale of 21 century! But it is truth, truth and life... Elena’s example made me to reflect. Made me to act. I know, there is a lot of lie and a deceit in the Internet. I know many different people and stories in Internet. There is a lot of all! But I SEE the happiest love. The love what has arisen there. In the letters, in the expectation and in the dreams. So it’s my

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