First name: Lera
Age: 29
Location: Luhansk
On websites: Russian Euro
Report:     Hi my new friend! i hope you don't mind if i write you. You have just caught my interest and i just couldn't miss my chance to get acquainted with you! That is why i am writing to you with a big hope that you will reply me because i like you and i do hope that we may create relations with yu in the future And now something about me and my life in general. My name is Valeria but you may call me just Lera because all my family and friends call me this way. Valeria is too official.:) I am 30 years old and i am divorced. i live in a city called Lugansk (it is in the eastern part of Ukraine) together with my mum and my daughter. Yes, i have the most wonderful and beautiful daughter in the world and she is the only good memory from my marriage. I was married almost for five years and i got divorced one year ago because my ex-husband chose another life... But this is not my story anymore. Now i devote all my life to my daughter. Her name is Ivanna and she is almost five years old. She goes to the kindergarten and i can surely say that she is really the most amazing child! She is the joy of my life and i am sure that you will love her as well if you get acquainted with her. I work as a secretary in a local polytechnic college and i like what i do. While i am at work, Ivanna is in the kindergarten. My mum works as a book-keeper in a library. She is a very educated and intelligent woman. I love her very much and she is the best mum in the world. i have lots of interests and this letter won't be enough to tell about them all. I am fond of sports and i always keep myself fit. I am fond of music and i listen only to good music. I like reading. I usually read a lot of different literature but not the most popular genre in our family is fairy-tale.:) I adore watching good movies too. Well i can tell you much more! Just ask me! i have nothing to hide. I hope that i will find a caring sincere and reliable man who will sincerely love me and my daughter and with whom i will create a family. I hope it can be you... Anyway time will tell us everything, right? So tell me also something about your personality, your family and your life in general! I am waiting for your reply passionately. Your new friend Lera
Status of report: is still without proof