Scam report about Annie Edward

First name:  Annie
Last name:  Edward
Age:  about 28
Location:  possibly Nigeria
Phone:  011 234 706 931 4383
On websites:  Zoosk
Report:  This may be a common story, that the woman's parents both passed away at the same time. She said she took over her father's art artifact business and tried doing business in Nigeria. Then she needed a lot of money to get out of the country. She said she needed thousands of dollars because the customs people had her travel documents, and she had to pay her lawyer and the customs people in order to leave the country. She said she is worth $350,000, but cannot get to it unless she is at home in Dallas, TX. She gave her bank acct #, and it is true her bank's checking accts begin with a 101. I asked her to scan her Texas driver's license into an e-mail. I wanted to see a photo of the woman (I thought) I had met in the Zoosk site, and I wanted to see the address on her driver's license that matched the address she gave me in Dallas TX. Haven't heard from her since. I can forward the e-mail she sent to me with her pictures. Probably those pictures are not of the woman I had communicated with.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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