Scam report about Marina Sitdikova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Sitdikova
Age:  January, 16th 1984
Location:  Russia
Phone:  +74997029719
Report:  nicegirl1823@7daysperweek.netMy love, Sorry for the delay - it was holiday here in russia (victory's day) ... 11 mei nicegirl1823@7daysperweek.netBezig met laden...11 mei Beantwoorden | aan mij details weergeven 11 mei My love, Sorry for the delay - it was holiday here in russia (victory's day) and for that reason it was difficult to reach the internet cafe. I am very glad that you have agreed to help me with money which are necessary for me for a trip to you! I worried, that you cannot help me because it is very big money. I do not have such money and to find it for me it will be impossible. My dear, I very strongly love you, I am ready to leave all in my country, only to be near to you. I love you! We write each other letters for a long time already and for this time I have had time to understand that you that person which is necessary to me. I tried to learn as you can send me money, and my girlfriend has prompted to me. The daddy of my girlfriend works in other country and it very often sends it money through system of remittances -

Status of report:  is still without proof

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