Scam report about Irina Tom

First name:  Irina
Last name:  Tom
Age:  25
Location:  Lugansk, Ukraine
Report:  I am writing a complaint about one of the women on your website, Irina 2748639. She told me in subsequent correspondence that her last name is Tom from Lugansk Ukraine. I corresponded with Irina several months ago and we seemed to get along enough that I suggested that I visit her in Lugansk. I was aware of Lugansk's reputation as a hotbed for scammers but I thought she would be the exception to the rule. I told Irina that I would go to Kiev first and then try to catch a direct train for Lugansk. This was about a week ago. Irina's English is not very good so she enlisted the help of her friend Jane (Yana?) who also lived in Lugansk. Jane had a different mobile phone number than Irina so I sometimes had to make a couple of calls to get through to her. I sent several SMS messages to her and Jane explaining my progress is getting a train ticket. At last, I was able to get a ticket to Donetsk, since no direct tickets to Lugansk were available. From Donetsk I would take a bus to Lugansk and meet Irina there. I arrived in Donetsk on the morning of August 29th. I texted Irina and Jane both, but got not reply. I found a bus to take me to Lugansk and while halfway there get a message from Irina that she is not in Lugansk but lives in a village called Brianka, about 40 minutes by car from Lugansk. She had never told me this before. She also said that she thought I was arriving the day before, although I told her and Jane the exact date of my arrival by text and email. Confused, I suggested that I spend the night at the Hotel Lugansk and that we meet the following morning. She replies by text that I would need to pay her taxi fare from Brianka to Lugansk for us to meet. I told her this was fine as long as she and her friend could meet me in Lugansk on the 30th. I made it to my hotel and checked in for the night. I called Jane and explained everything and she agreed that we would meet the following day. She also added that Irina didn't want to go to Lugansk but wanted me to go to her village that day instead. Well, I thought this is unusual but I agreed if it would be more comfortable for her. I wake up the next morning and send an SMS to Jane, since she would arrange the taxi. I waited an hour before calling Irina directly and in my best Russian/English asked her where her friend was, since it was getting near to checkout time and I needed to know whether to book another night at the hotel or not. Irina said Jane was sleeping but didn't offer anything else than that. She refused to speculate on when she would call or what to do next. I implored her to call her friend and find out, since I was out here in Lugansk with nothing at all to do but wait for a message that may or may not come. Finally Jane texts back with a bullshit story about being in the hospital (????) and couldn't get to me. She then tells me that to hire a cab to Irina's village it would cost 900 grivnas! Well, I taken enough taxis in Ukraine to know a cabfare scam when I see one, but just to be on the safe side, I agreed via text and we set a meeting time at 3:45 in the afternoon at the hotel. I really smelled a rat here. I went down to the hotel reception and asked how much it would cost to take a taxi to Brianka. The reception desk agreed that no taxi out that far should cost more that 150 grivnas. That settled it. Irina and her friend were trying to scam money out of me and I was done with her as far as I was concerned. I immediately got on the next bus to Donetsk and then Kiev which is where I am writing this letter of complaint. I have text messages of our conversations including the 900 grivna demand. But I don't know how to send the evidence through the computer. Perhaps a photo snapshot? :) Anyway, I urge you to delete her profile from your website database before she can catch other unwary gentlemen. Of course, you may contact me through here or directly to my email if you have any questions for me to answer. Sincerely angry, Christopher

Status of report:  is still without proof

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