Scam report about Oksana Chernyavskaya

First name:  Oksana
Last name:  Chernyavskaya
Aka:  raksana
Age:  35
Location:  Russia, Moscown Krasnogorsk
Address:  143400 ?inney, I.I., a.E?aniiai?ne, oe.Eiiniiieune&#
Phone:  +79265351768
On websites:
Report:  Since March 2010, I began a relationship with this woman. She said she was married, but lived separately from her husband, with her two children. She wanted to learn French in order to leave Russia for the future of its children. In ten days, she falls in love. Call in the morning, the day and late at night, with me on webcam. SMS and other after exchanging our phone numbers. Then she wanted to come to France ten days to meet me. She arrived alone, 9 July 2010 at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, because his visa was valid for entry into Germany. I went to look for in Germany, and I took her back to France. She stayed 10 days. The first three days, she was very shy. I thought at a time of adjustment. Then the third day, she was again very much in love. The rest of the stay went very well, because I was paying restaurant outings, clothing for children ... I took her back to her plane and she went back to Moscow. And, again, SMS messages ... But I felt that it was already less pressing. We still decided last week to get married in April 2011,and go on holiday together, with children in Turkey, in september. Saturday I received a letter from her husband, saying he was aware of our conversations, not to contact her, he loves his wife and he visited her the next day to speak rudely. So I told his wife by SMS what happened. She said she was not afraid, he was violent, and that a threshold of his shots could kill ... During the day Sunday, she sent me an email, saying she loved her husband, that I had done too much, they went on holiday together ... But we would remain friends and she invited me to Moscow when I wanted ... I had confirmation today that she has always lived with her husband in a shared apartment, there was never any separation procedure, and that she was on vacation with him!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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