First name: Janet
Last name: Mark
Aka: Emelia Osei or Emelia Ansu Kyeremeh
Age: 36
Location: Accura, Ghana
Address: 441 Kaunda High Way
Phone: +233275355866 or 0542996645
On websites:
Report:     This young lady came out of nowhere on my singlenet account. She saw that I was no longer a paying customer so she gave me her email address in her message. I knew right away there was something up. So I've been playing along with her since Aug. 20,2010. She is constantly making up reasons for me to send her money and to come to Ghana to meet her parents so that we can get married. Like I said I've been playing along with her and her scam. She is madley in love with me lol and she needs a new computer. She's been trying for over a week for me to buy her a new computer or as she says send her the money and she can get it herself. She wants one with a webcam so that I can see her when we chat. I told her that I would buy her one here and send it to her. I have already chatted with someone from Alaska that she was chatting with just before me and we had discussed what was going on. I got his name and email address from her profile yahoo messanger. I was just going to warn him but he had already figured it out and had quit chatting with her. She is still trying to get money from me even after I told her that I had found her on your web site tonight. Of course she denied that being her but she did admit that it was her picture. I even asked her tonight how many people she had looking over her shoulder and she wanted to know why I asked and I said because you would make a good teacher. There has to be something that can be done to these types of people. Maybe a prison where the only ones they can try and scam would be each other. Is there a school in these countries that has classes for this. Imagian a class called Advanced Computer Scam 101.
Status of report: is still without proof