Scam report about Julia Ushakova

First name:  Julia
Last name:  Ushakova
Age:  30
Location:  Kanash - Russia
Report:  I desire to intervene because the December 2008 a Russian girl who said to have name Julia Ushakova, but actually, as I realized too late, was the same pictured scammer Anna Ivanova, attached to her mail to me her passport. I received a lot of mails by scammer girls, but this was the first with a document. I believed was true and I sent her nearly 900 euros for visa and journey to Italy. Only the Ministery of Foreign Affairs told me that the passport was counterfeited. Very soon, I informed the Italian and Russian polices and embassies, but without much hope. Unexpectedly, in the march 2010 the Italian police of my city (Rome) called me for an international inquiry about the case. But attention: Few days ago I received a faked mail by the “Russian police” that tried to obtain my bank account number! Anyway, the lesson I learned til now is always denounce to the police and don’t lose the hope to obtain some result. Al (Italy)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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