Scam report about Shannon Brown

First name:  Shannon
Last name:  Brown
Age:  27
Location:  United kingdom or Salt lake city utah
Email:,, and ,,
On websites:  Established Men
Report:  She person writes to you after the third letter gives you some story how she was robbed at gun point on the train in UK and how they stole everything she has then asks to send her $5000 usd to buy a new computer or she will get fired. Then asks to go on video chat and send a burry video of some girl with big fakes breats waving at you for about 30 seconds while somebody is there typing away. I know its a scam because this person leaves the microphone on and I can hear him tell his buddy the lies he is going to write, so I play along to see how much info I can get on this scam artist I get him to send me all the info I can get to report them.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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