Scam report about Ekaterina 

First name:  Ekaterina
Age:  25
Location:  korosten,ukraine
On websites:
Report:  Letter 1 Hi James Nice to meet you, my friend! I am writing you this letter to tell you about myself, I think it is the great way to start the communication. I will try to tell you the essential things about myself. I'm Ekaterina, this is full name, my friends call me Katerina, so I prefer this name, you can also call me like this. I live in Korosten, this is the city in Zhytomyrskaya region, Ukraine. My city is not big, but lovely, you can come and see it yourself one day. If we both like each other enough, of course! :) I'm 25 years old and I has already graduated from college, my major was Preschool Education and I now I'm working as a nanny, I earn money by baby-sitting and teaching kids younger than 6 years old (this is the age of entering school here) I help kids to prepare to the school, teach them writing, reading, mental arithmetic and take care about them while their parents are at work. I like this job, but it is really exhausting and not well-paid. But I still do this because I like working with kids, I feel that I am doing something important for the world. In future I want to have my own kids, but of course it will depend on my partner. Yannick, I liked the photos you sent me, you are very attractive man! I'm looking for the mature serious relationships, I'm not desperate so I won't get married with the first man I talk to. I'm not looking for the citizenship, but I'm ready to relocate if this is necessary. I can count the amount of qualities that my man should have, but it will be senseless, it is impossible to find an ideal partner. I just want to meet the man with whom I will feel myself loved and comfortable and who will allow me to love him and take care about him. I think it will be enough for the beginning, I don't want to make my letter long not to bore you, Katerina Letter 2 Hello, my dearest one James! This is one more hot day and one more letter from you. If you ask me if I'm happy to read it, I will say

Status of report:  is still without proof

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