Scam report about Akos Osa

First name:  Akos
Last name:  Osa
Aka:  Bernice
Age:  36
Location:  Tema, Ghana
Phone:  233267445324
On websites:  Woome, yahoo IM
Report:  Was contacted on Woome website.... Says.......i am from las vegas but now with my mom at ghana since i lost my dad in car accident for 10yrs now am single lady with no kids...... dad, a natural doctor in the states he born from australia, mom from ghana i am An Accountant here in alocal bank as unfortunately the bank thats i work in got burnt so i lost my job and i am in the house helping my mom to sell in the supermarket...... boyfriend took drugs and beat her so she left him 3 1/2 years ago. no boyfriends since then Uses raven riley pics..... Asked why sent me Raven riley photos conversation...... JB (11:57:36 AM): hello bernice JB (11:57:42 AM): did you read my email (11:58:17 AM): Oh yes i did and honestly i am whats you see there and whats shows thats its not pic JB (11:58:44 AM): you are trying to tell me you are raven riley from ohio (11:59:05 AM): No i am not thats person and how can i be and where is she from JB (11:59:30 AM): just go to and you will see those pictures (11:59:42 AM): Oh really JB (11:59:52 AM): you must think i am pretty stupid (12:00:18 PM): Oh no i wil check as i am doing JB (12:00:25 PM): i will wait JB (12:01:26 PM): or just google raven riley images JB (12:02:55 PM): just go to google (12:03:06 PM): Okay i am going on there JB (12:03:10 PM): search for raven riley JB (12:03:21 PM): and select images (12:03:27 PM): Okay JB (12:03:34 PM): theres hundreds, even the ones you sent me JB (12:03:45 PM): so are you still saying you are her JB (12:04:12 PM): this is your 1 chance to be honest with me (12:04:36 PM): Hmm yes i can see her but i am not the one there JB (12:05:26 PM): then i guess this is goodbye if you won't be honest (12:06:30 PM): well my laptop as been stolen in the school thats was when i was in the institution here and i lost my laptop here in the school and i get my pictures and my moms document missing JB (12:07:10 PM): i don't understand what you just said (12:07:25 PM): As its was report at the police station and they were investigation carry on here still as my mom have some land document in there laptop (12:08:04 PM): I mean thats my laptop has been stolen when i was in school with involve my picture and my moms document in JB (12:08:13 PM): what does that have to do with you sending me fake photos (12:10:19 PM): So if you sound any of my pics get there then you have to no thats some oen have my pic and thats person wiill be the people who stole my laptop JB (12:11:14 PM): when you are ready to send me your real photo and go to a cafe that has a cam so i can see it is you JB (12:11:19 PM): then let me know (12:11:25 PM): Okay JB (12:11:42 PM): until then we are wasting each others time cuz i now have no trust in you (12:11:54 PM): ok JB (12:12:09 PM): goodbye bernice (12:12:19 PM): Okay and see you later (12:12:21 PM): bye

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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