SCAM REPORT ABOUT  svetlana Zubova

First name: svetlana
Last name: Zubova
Age: 32
Location: kanash chuvashkaya russia
Address: 428000
Report:     Svetlanza Buzova if this name really exists, aged 32 from the city of Kanash in Russia, if these details are true got in contact with me reporting she had had my details from an agency for which she paid money. ( How could that be possible I do not know!!) She was writing in a broken translated English with words that made no sense. Always the same story. She was keen to marry me and she loved me bla bla bla Her email address started not to work anymore in the sense that every email I was sending was returning with errors indicating these were not delivered and she never replied to my questions including those about having a telephone number under which I could contact her it seems to me there is someone organizing all this and taking advantage of some pictures of some beautiful girls who I do not know how agreeing on all this they are
Status of report: is still without proof