Scam report about Yuliya Zakalina

First name:  Yuliya
Last name:  Zakalina
Age:  29
Location:  Volzhsk, Russia
Report:  She said she got my email address through a internet dating agency in Volzshk. We built up a relationship throught letters and exchanged photos. During the time we sent letters, she got her visa, she bought her plane ticket and wanted to stay with me for 1-3 months, everything was good and she didn't ask any money. She also showed photos of her mom, her friends and told about her, her mom, her dad, her job. She was going to fly to me on November 9th, 2010. Three days before her flight she informed me on her ticket, departure date, arrival date, flight numbers,.. I checked on the internet to see when she would arrive here, and everything was exactly the same as she told, so the flight was real. She seemed really legit! But the morning of the day of her flight, she sent me a letter, telling me she was being held up at customs, because she needed a document of self-sufficiency and needed to show she at least had 1650euros, to survive in other country. She said she didn't know about such document and asked me to loan her 1650euros, so she could fly to me and then would give me my 1650 euros back. But that's where I got suspicious and checked on the internet, and I found out it was a scammer! She almost had me there. But i'm sure the girl on the photos has notihng to do with it, there's another person behind. The way the scam is set up is amazing!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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