Scam report about Ekatarina 

First name:  Ekatarina
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
On websites:  14.8 2010 - 24.09.2010 Nr. 1 - 16
Report:  Nr. 2 Hello, my dear friend Ferdi!My name is Ekaterina. You can tell me also Katyaor Katenka. I like the name Ekaterina most of all. Do you like my name?I hope that yes... You know, it is my first experience of the Internet- acquaintances. I have never done it earlier. But I have the greatoccasion to do it. Once I’ll tell you about it!!! I have always livedin a small city, practically in a village. It’s a very beautifulplace! As soon as I had finished my school, I left my city forstudying. I have graduated for a long time ago and now I work and liveindependently in Kremenki. Kremenki is also a very beautifulcity. It’s a typical Russian city. Houses, parks, prospectuses andchurches. I really got used to live here. I have my work, friends andmy independence. I appreciate my independence very much. I am 28 yearold. To my mind, it’s a good age for a young lady. My growth is 170sm, my weight is 55 kg. I’m slim. I like sports. In my opinion, a girlshould keep fit. It keeps body and health both! I send you my photo.You can see my appearance. You know, I’m not so photogenic. My photosare not usually so nice. But they are necessary to see a partner forchanging correspondence. I hope, you like my photo. By the way, I’llalso wait for your photos. It is rather important and interesting tome. I like pleasant and gentle music. Besides, I like to watchsensitive films. I have some friends. And I spend much of my free timewith them. I’ve good sense of humor and like to laugh at good jokes. Ihave no bad habits; I don’t smoke and take no alcohol. I think a girlshouldn’t have any bad habits. So I know about the harm, what bringsnicotine and alcohol. My mum is a tailor. My daddy is a mechanic. I amthe only child in the family. I would like to have the brother orsister but I realize that it’s too late. I work as a lawyer assistantin small lawyer’s consultation. We don’t have many clients. Our workis really hard, because every person is different. That’s why I haveto explain some things many times. But I like my job. I get goodexperience at my job. I hope I’ll work at a good lawyer’s consultationor firm soon. I have made it my aim! And I must reach it! I have nocomputer at home. Only at my work, but in other cabinet. But thatcomputer has no access to the Internet. That’s why I’ll have to go toan Internet cafe to write you a letter. It is convenient for me. AllO.k.! Probably I’ll finish for today. The letter turned out to bereally HUGE!!!Unfortunately I can not write such letters. I would liketo tell so much in the letter. May be you’re tired of readingit…sorry. I’m waiting for your reply. I’m waiting and hope. Hope to beinteresting for you. Ekaterina. Nr. 16 Hello my Ferdi! How are you? I'm fine. I had very good mood before I descended in travel agency. As I already spoke you, I have decided to go to travel agency and to learn all that is necessary for me will arrive to you. I wished to learn what documents to me be required to arrive to your country. I have come to travel agency, I was very well met there by the manager. I have told to it my history. That I wish to arrive to you. It has understood me. Also has explained to me all. But I have been very upset by that to me the manager has told. I will need to do the visa in your country. And also the passport. But most of all me the price for all has upset it. The visa and the passport and the medical insurance cost 525 US dollars. When I have heard the price, to me it be not become bad nearly. I have asked again the manager still time. And it has confirmed that the visa and the passport and the medical insurance cost 525 US dollars. I at all did not know that to it to answer. It very much a greater sum of money for me. I do not have so much money. I do not know that to me to do. In fact my salary of only 105 dollars. I cannot do documents to arrive to you. I am very upset. I at all do not know that to you to tell. I so love you, that now I do not represent the life without you. I so wished to arrive to you. But now I think for me it it is impossible. I have learned as that the visa will be done 11 days. In 11 days when I shall begin to pay money, the visa will be ready. But while for me it only dreams. While I do not have money to do my documents. I hope we together we can something do for our meeting. It is a pity to me that I have written to you today such sad letter. I shall wait from you the letter. I hope you me have understood. With love. Yours Ekaterina! I have about 16 photos of your I refuse sending money! then silence

Status of report:  is still without proof

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