Scam report about Irena Jakimec/Yakimez/Pazenko Nikolaevna

First name:  Irena
Last name:  Jakimec/Yakimez/Pazenko Nikolaevna
Age:  22 (probably)
Location:  Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Address:  Pobedi Street, house 133, flat 9,
Phone:  0038 0977 388 994
On websites: (as Irena2010)
Report:  I can confirm the previous report about her. Happenede to me in September and again at the end of October with her cousin Vica (Viktoria). I have not visited her at her flat, but Vicas. Please read my report about Vica too for more details about this girl. I was stupid enough to send money over normal banking, this is the bank data: Beneficiary: Pazenko Irina Nikolaevna Acaunt: 6762462052870703 Bank of Beneficiary: privatbank Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Swift code: pbanua2x Intermediary bank: Jp morgan chase bank, chase metrotech center, 7th floor brooklyn New York, 11245 USA Swift code: chasus33 Correspondent acount: 0011000080 So much for the moment. I have contacted FedPol and with some chance we may hunt them down and arrest.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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