SCAM REPORT ABOUT  kate quarcoo

First name: kate
Last name: quarcoo
Aka: linda
Age: 30
Location: new haven usa ghana accra
Address: 1633
On websites: zoosk
Report:     it me again i gat a message for kate quarcco a.ka. linda quarcoo saying that she need my help becoues her mother was still in the hospital and need money to pay the doctor who he would kick her mother out on put her on the street, she asked if i could send her twohunder to pay him i told her that i did have any money on me, then she asked me if i would buy her and iphone and send her my cumpter becoues i had told her i was buying a new,sahe allso asked my i i could send her seven thundred becoues she need a car in ghana becoues it not self there the way she get to is she'll ask you if you have yahoo message and do her show for for she will send you naked picture of her self. the funny part to this is she keeps tell me that she will came to me and we will get married becoues she want to have my kids watch out guy becoues this women is good at what she do's and she beautiful
Status of report: is still without proof