First name: Yana
Last name: Pachkina
Age: 26
Location: baku Azerbaijan wiyh a ruusian Passport
Report:     I have met Yana at russianeuro site I have sent money to for her travel to Australia she never turned up after recieving the money I was new to the site she has used travel agent at Baku for all the money transactions western Union I reliazed I been scammed I have sent money to This person first as agent maneger SERVET KOLANCH 4630usd than to YUNUS DEMIR 2000usd for Yana Pachkina,s travel as she instructed she has used for all her travel.Other person from the travel agent was SABINA ROLIKOVA YANA PACHKINA SERVET KOLANCH AND YUNUS DEMIR all probaly worked together I do have alot of photos of Yana and copy of her passport and also this is theemail address of the ticket agent / if you like me to send photos and the copy of her passport please reply thank you
Status of report: is still without proof