SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Beatrice Afua Tetteh

First name: Beatrice Afua
Last name: Tetteh
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Address: Abeka Street 11
Phone: +233548083546
On websites:
Report:     She came all of a sudden to chat with me, but wanted to go chatting outside, so we went over to MSN messenger service. She answered very detailed so that I thought everything is fine. But there were e few discrepancies: 1.) She wanted to go from Abeka to the German Embassy in Accra Ghana. She said it will take her about 2 hours to get there with the bus and/or taxi. I decided to check this and I found out that it is just 10 km from Abeka to the German Embassy which is estimated to be a 20 minute trip by car. 2.) I proposed her to contact the embassy to talk about everything needed for the VISA and she strongly refused by saying that she wants to organize everything like VISA an trip. But for sure I should pay for it using Western Union ;-)3.) It was also strange that I remembered her writing in the first chat that she is half russian half african living in Khimi Russia right now. In a later chat she then was living in Accra, Ghana. 4.) Once here father died about 12 years ago, other time she also got the admittance of her father to come to see me overhere in Germany. 5.) When it came to the theme visiting me in Germany, her text became more frivolously, like:
Status of report: is still without proof