First name: Jenny
Last name: Davison
Age: 39
Location: NIGERIA
Address: Sun State
Report:     Jenny Davison from Nigeria contacted me a long time ago and I got her MSN details. I was very doubtful as already a long time ago, she asked many to be able to pay her internet line and subscription for which she had to bring some family jewellery to be sold...etc.. At that time I did not follow very well and perhaps I was a bit naive. Circumstances are as such that after some time I open up MSN and I find her again. But she sends me a porno web adress with sentences about a quiz I should make on this web site and then she concludes by saying she needs to go and take shower. The strange thing is that by contacting her again and again I get exactly the same replies over and over... She is actually not on line... there seems to be a sort of automated reply to attract the attention of the user to open up that bloody web site which at this point I m more than convinced must bring in some viruses My memories and this recent experience makes me definitely believe Jenny if this name exists is a scammer
Status of report: is still without proof