Scam report about Maame Paker

First name:  Maame
Last name:  Paker
Aka:  Gladys Dumanyo
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana, Accra
On websites:, Yahoo Messenger
Report:  gladys_dumanyo2: Hello breese0451: I'm here. Where did you go gladys_dumanyo2: I had a connection problem breese0451: okay breese0451: wow very attractive young lady breese0451: when are you coming too see me. lol gladys_dumanyo2: ahahaha that is too early let get to know each other ok and also have nothing on me to travel any way tell me whay are you looking for on Match dating site? breese0451: Just join it tonight breese0451: single and wanting to meest a nice young lady friend gladys_dumanyo2: I see am also on the site looking for a serious man to have a long term relationship with breese0451: got be friends before a long term relationship if you want it to work gladys_dumanyo2: I don't understand are you interested in me? breese0451: I might be interested in you. I find you very attractive gladys_dumanyo2: Ok i hear breese0451: that a good thing for a starter breese0451: do you like older men gladys_dumanyo2: Oh if only he is going to be truthful and honest to me breese0451: Well you would have that in me. I think that Im very trust worthy and I always very honest and too the point' gladys_dumanyo2: Huh don't know yet ok let get time to get to know each other better breese0451: sounds good to me breese0451: so what ime is were you are at gladys_dumanyo2: 1:49am breese0451: pretty late for you gladys_dumanyo2: Yea but on the internet looking for a serious person who can care for me and also love me forever breese0451: im just watching a little football this evening gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok breese0451: you are looking from a very long distance breese0451: you could breese0451: you could have any guy you wanted gladys_dumanyo2: Any where breese0451: you are a doll breese0451: im kinda new to meeting such a pretty young lady on the internet gladys_dumanyo2: Huh although am a pretty lady but all men will like to have sex with me and dump me but never i won't allow that breese0451: that a very smart thing if you are looking for a man that will be serious with you breese0451: so what kind of things do you like to do for fun gladys_dumanyo2: I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners... I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets. I am comfortable in jeans or a nice english suit. A nonsmoker/drinker, not into drugs (don't need them; I live in a natural high)..... I believe in enjoying the good life and am high on it. I have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible. breese0451: That very nice breese0451: God is very important part of my life. gladys_dumanyo2: Yea me too breese0451: what city do you live in Ghana? gladys_dumanyo2: Oh in lapaz breese0451: do you live near Accra gladys_dumanyo2: Yea gladys_dumanyo2: Why have you been here before breese0451: it was a very long time ago gladys_dumanyo2: I see breese0451: you live in an area that can be a very dangerous place gladys_dumanyo2: Ok as for me i don't go out ok always in the house i don't know any one here breese0451: When I was in the military many years ago, I had travel thru Ghana and I remember it being a very dangerous place gladys_dumanyo2: And did you like it here breese0451: I had stay over night in a town call Cape Coast gladys_dumanyo2: I see but never been there and never heard the name breese0451: It is west of Accura on the cost line gladys_dumanyo2: I hear my dear breese0451: coast line. sorry my typing is a little bad tonight gladys_dumanyo2: Ok so tell me Brain are you interested in me and really want to know me? breese0451: yes, im very interested in you breese0451: i dont know were it will go from here, but you have made a new friend tonight gladys_dumanyo2: But do you know something time will tell ok do you have a webcam for me to see you? breese0451: yes, but I will have to get a docking station for my laptop to be able to connect to my webcam. Let me see if I can get my web cam just hook up to my laptop tonight and maybe tomorrow we can hook up together again so you can see me gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but sorry mine got broken for few days now but planing to get new one breese0451: well i going to give you my personal email address so you can get me when Im mobile and on the road. breese0451: breese0451: gladys what is your last name gladys_dumanyo2: Dumanyo breese0451: do you have a cell phone gladys_dumanyo2: Oh yea breese0451: would you like for me to call you sometime gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok gladys_dumanyo2: 00233540694568 gladys_dumanyo2: Send me sms breese0451: okay breese0451: did you get my email address gladys_dumanyo2: Oh no please breese0451: my mobile number is 770-881-4903 breese0451: my email adress is breese0451: Have a question for you? gladys_dumanyo2: I send you sms gladys_dumanyo2: i got your sms breese0451: gotcha breese0451: you have been added to my cell phone. you can get me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It stays on my hip. gladys_dumanyo2: Save my phone number so that you can send me sms when ever you come online breese0451: call me anytime or text message me anytime breese0451: question for you? gladys_dumanyo2: Ok breese0451: what is my first name? do you remember? gladys_dumanyo2: Brain breese0451: Just checking. That a good start. breese0451: Come here you. Come on. Closer. Closer. breese0451: that is for you! LOL gladys_dumanyo2: Ok thank you breese0451: are you going to bed gladys_dumanyo2: Do you want me to go to bed? breese0451: not really, but I though it might be a little late for you gladys_dumanyo2: Yea but do you want me to go to bed breese0451: it cold here tonight. i just sitting by the fire, drinking a beer and watching college football on television gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok breese0451: no, i was just being nice and sweet for you gladys_dumanyo2: Thank you breese0451: do you know were La Palm Royal Beach Hotel is in Accra? gladys_dumanyo2: I will try and check ok breese0451: maybe if things go good in between me and you I can come and visit you for a night of gamlbing gladys_dumanyo2: Huh looking forward to that breese0451: at a very nice hotel breese0451: im going to call you on the phone sometime breese0451: so dont be shock breese0451: if i call you one night real soon gladys_dumanyo2: How breese0451: you gave me your cell phone number earlier breese0451: or did you? gladys_dumanyo2: Oh yea breese0451: 00233540694568. is this the correct number gladys_dumanyo2: Yea gladys_dumanyo2: but let me ask you what makes you like me or find interest in me? breese0451: would you get mad if I did call you gladys_dumanyo2: Oh no breese0451: would you be suprise gladys_dumanyo2: yea breese0451: hang on a sec gladys_dumanyo2: OK breese0451: okay im back gladys_dumanyo2: What were you doing? breese0451: someone knock at the door gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok breese0451: someone for my roommate breese0451: his lady friend gladys_dumanyo2: What breese0451: it was a lady friend for my roommate. I rent a room out to one of my friends gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok breese0451: i own my own house, but since my daughter move to colorado to be with her mother, i decided to rent one of my bedrooms out to a friend. breese0451: So what did you think about my picture? gladys_dumanyo2: Oh i like it and you look handsome i really want to know you breese0451: I not boring you to death. gladys_dumanyo2: Oh no breese0451: so what do you do for work gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok i don't work for now but use to help my Mum in her pharmacy shop breese0451: do you have degree from college gladys_dumanyo2: Sorry no i lost my dad when i was attending school but was learning medicene when i was in school in Russia breese0451: you dont have to say sorry to me sweetheart breese0451: i lost my dad when i was younger breese0451: i was only sixteen gladys_dumanyo2: Wow that is too bad breese0451: so you dont have any children? gladys_dumanyo2: No breese0451: would you like to have children gladys_dumanyo2: Oh yea will like to have children what about you breese0451: I would to have child with someone that is all ways going to be with me for the reat of our lifes breese0451: i do not want to be married again and end a realtionship with other if have a child involed. it really hard on a young child. gladys_dumanyo2: Brain if i want you to help me so that i come to you there can you? breese0451: i would come to you and get you if you wanted to come with me. What kind of help would you need from me? gladys_dumanyo2: Not now ok let get to know each other better ok? breese0451: i know, i would not come there yet until i know you alot better gladys_dumanyo2: ok breese0451: I would come and visit you before I every think about anythig like that. breese0451: If you was to meet me, you might decide that I'm not the man for you. gladys_dumanyo2: Oh why are you saying that if only you are interested in me why don't you help me come there and live with you breese0451: I would, breese0451: but I would want to make sure you would be happy with for the long run breese0451: that a long trip to make from Accura to Georgia to get here and find out that you really wasn't interested in me. breese0451: that would be a very big thing to take into consideration. gladys_dumanyo2: Why are you saying that if am not interested in you i wouldn't be chatting with you ok i will go to bed but because i like you and want to know you more ok breese0451: i think you miss understanding me breese0451: I'm very interest in you breese0451: but I just sayying that would be decision on both of our parts gladys_dumanyo2: Thank you but don't you think is too early to talk about that let get to know each other better breese0451: i would want it to be sure that I would be the right person for you because I would want you to be very happy with that decesion when it comes that time to make that decesion, breese0451: yes very much so sweetheart breese0451: i agree with you gladys_dumanyo2: I don't know why you are interested in me today is our first time you making me fear breese0451: im interested in only get to know you for the time being breese0451: that all breese0451: do you understand what I'm telling you gladys_dumanyo2: Because i had a relationship with a man on the internet who said he want to help me to join him in NY he do send me money get my traveling documents and i travelled to him but not knowing he planned to use me and dump me.yes he cheated on me get what ever he want and sack me away that ended me up living with my Mum and sister in Ghana now.I felt pain but all the same will never give up breese0451: i wouldn't dum breese0451: you gladys_dumanyo2: That makes me don't trust men anymore breese0451: i would only help you if something develop between the two of us breese0451: our new friendship as just begun. i would only want to help you get here if it was the right thing for the two of us. that is all I trying to tell you. gladys_dumanyo2: Can you get me webcam so that you could see me and get to know each other better breese0451: do you understand what I am trying to tell you gladys_dumanyo2: No breese0451: are not able to get a webcam gladys_dumanyo2: Ok never mind so how do you want us to build up this friendship tell me? breese0451: we both need to get a webcam is the first thing breese0451: we need to continue to build our relationship gladys_dumanyo2: Yea breese0451: and then we can see were the both of us would like to take this new realtionship breese0451: now, do you understand what I'm saying. gladys_dumanyo2: Yea and That is great and ready for that but can you help me get a webcam my dear? breese0451: how in the world do I do that. do you want me to get you one and send it to you gladys_dumanyo2: If that is going to be possible but don't you think is going to take more days before it get to me? breese0451: what are you wanting me to do? It is awful long ways to just bring it to you. Do you not have any money to go out and buy a cheap webcam? breese0451: sorry i hit the wrong button gladys_dumanyo2: I asked for a webcam over here in a store here in Ghana is 100 dollars i don't have money for that but planing for some one special to help me that is all breese0451: I will have to figure that one out. breese0451: I can get a simple webcam for $30 dollars here breese0451: I really hate to have pay a hundred dollars when I can get and send to you for 30 dollars. gladys_dumanyo2: Really but i don't know any address for you to send it to me and even can take a month before i get it or? breese0451: if you dont have an address, how i am going to send you money gladys_dumanyo2: i don't know my dear breese0451: then what would you like for me to do gladys_dumanyo2: I don't know but let get to know each other better ok? breese0451: let do that first gladys_dumanyo2: Do what see me in webcam? breese0451: yes, i would love to see you on a webcam gladys_dumanyo2: But don't you if they have western union money transfer in Ghana do you have a credit card you can send it online breese0451: let just get to know one another better, first breese0451: you said you wanted a honest man, right breese0451: im going to be honest with you gladys_dumanyo2: Yea my dear but don't you think getting a webcam and see each other better so that i can come to you before this christmas? breese0451: i feel real funny about sending someone hundred dollars when i just met some over the internet breese0451: gladys it is the first time we have chatted breese0451: you are asking alot from from the get go gladys_dumanyo2: I see then let get to know each other ok but as time goes on you will get to know me ok? gladys_dumanyo2: No gladys_dumanyo2: Brain any way how will you like us to do this get to know each other huh because am ready to do anything and also going to reamin honest and truthful to you ok? breese0451: you have to understand one thing about me. i have been play alot in my life as well when it comes to women breese0451: let me built some trust up between the two of us first gladys_dumanyo2: I see gladys_dumanyo2: Ok and how can i do that for you to believe me tell me? breese0451: let just take our time by chatting. i told you that i would call you on the phone if you wanted me too breese0451: that is a start gladys_dumanyo2: Oh yea call me am waiting ok breese0451: okay. gladys_dumanyo2: Are you calling breese0451: yeap breese0451: im working on it gladys_dumanyo2: No waiting for you to call me my dear breese0451: im on the phone with the operator breese0451: give me number one more time so i dont have to scroll up gladys_dumanyo2: Oh ok you can call me tomorrow or? breese0451: hang on sec gladys_dumanyo2: Ok gladys_dumanyo2: My credit is finish try and call me gladys_dumanyo2: Hello i just run down of credit ok breese0451: im working on it breese0451: hat was quick darlin gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but i hope you heard my voice very tiny breese0451: on on the phone with the phone company. gladys_dumanyo2: Ok breese0451: okay, im off the phone breese0451: i will have to try to call you after monday when i get into the office at work. i have to get authorise to be able to make international phone calls form my mobile phone. i can my mobile phone authorize on Monday. Okay gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but i hope you heard my voice breese0451: yes, i did and i want to hear more of it gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but let me ask you after seeing me in webcam what is the next thing you going to do? breese0451: come and see you gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but let me ask you after seeing me in webcam what is the next thing you going to do? breese0451: come and see you if you like breese0451: i guess i can make a trip to see you. how does that sound? gladys_dumanyo2: The money you going to wasite to come here you can use that to help me come to you and we can save the rest and start a bussiness on out own breese0451: sounds good gladys breese0451: im getting a little tired. i think im going to close for tonight, but you how to get intouch with me if you need me gladys_dumanyo2: Am when you are online try and send me sms ok my dear? breese0451: i will gladys. sweet dreams sweetheart gladys_dumanyo2: Ok but can you send me good night message before you go to bed? breese0451: yes i will gladys_dumanyo2: Good night bye bye and see you tomorrow nice meeting you bye bye

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