Scam report about Dariya 

First name:  Dariya
Age:  26
Report:  Around early November this person named Dariya contacted me. I've been contacted by scammers before and can figure they are getting ready to try to pinch your wallet after they lay their story of woe on you. She hasn't actually asked for money yet but with her story of woe I can see it happening real soon. I used the name Bill so she wouldn't know my real name. I figure since she can't tell me any location, city, last name, address, or other vital information she should expect me be open and honest to her. I was just going to block her e-mail out but, I figured she might decieve someone else and figured she should get reported. I'm not falling for her story but, someone just might fall for it.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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