Scam report about deborah ahiakpak

First name:  deborah
Last name:  ahiakpak
Age:  33
Location:  ghana accra
Email:  greattestlove7000
On websites:  yahoo
Report:  contacted me through yahoo wanted to know if I wanted to chat so started and after she exchanged some information with me. she started to ask about other women I had chatted with from over in ghana and what did we chat about and I told her that I didnt have money to send and she said she wasnt looking for that she was not like the other women from there. then after about 3 days of chatting she had said she would like to come over here to live and could I please help her out with some money to pay for expenses. Well it was a typical scam and when she sent me pics of her they were from some other person I had chatted with recently. So she may be one of several as far as that goes.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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