Scam report about Sandy 

First name:  Sandy
Aka:  Sandraoma or Sandy
Age:  mentioned 24 but indicated 26 in 'her' profile
Location:  Lome, Togo, West Africa
Phone:  +2280326984
On websites:
Report:  'She' is posing as a certain 'Sandraoma' or 'Sandy' in the website. We were exchanging messages and in only 1 day of getting to know each other, she started to say that she had given her heart to me and she loves me! I don't even have a photo on my profile yet! After asking for her e-mail or other means of communication, she gave her phone number. I asked for other photos of her but she ignored the request and discussed other things! Then she insisted tht I send her a birthday gift and started to say that she wanted to see me in person. Later, she mentioned that she was out of credit. I felt that for a charming and very attractive girl like her, something was not 'right' so I surfed the net and managed to check her photo identity via and presto! Her photo popped up! I was surprised but not shocked! I am supposed to call her and send her a gift tomorrow for her 'birthday'!!! I am reporting this as I do not want others to be scammed by some unscrupulous rogues!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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