First name: anna
Last name: uliea
Aka: anna kreshta
Age: 35
Location: ukran
Address: n/a
Phone: n/a
On websites: russian&ukran
Report:     she was good at first never asked for money at all so i realy felt she whanted kids and a family with me so i aranged to bring her to california to live with me and start our relationship and she whent to get the ticket from the air port and then told me she needed more so i sent the rest of the money i didnt here from her in a week from this then she started wrighting again so i told her i travel its my job i will meet you in the airport to bring you she seed it is ok she would not be able to make it that day so i told her ill be there for a week to meet up she give me attitude and lied also kept the money spent on her
Status of report: is still without proof