Scam report about Nadya Limorenko

First name:  Nadya
Last name:  Limorenko
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine Sevastopol 99055
Address:  Ostryakova 201-a apt 22
Phone:  +38095241657
On websites:  Anastasia Allsinglerussiangirls ( or did ) R brides, army of brides, and many more
Report:  She lied about her Love to me, she lied do much that I went to her in Sevastopol, she said before I bought tickets to plane that i would be guest, she would spend all days with me, as soon as the tickets was bought, she said I cant stay with you all days. at that time I had bought presents for her daughter and her parents, cause we was totally sure on that we was the couple, we just had to meet and this would be happening. she said Darling I wil make you a wonderful dinner in the apt, she forget to buy things for this, so on way to sevastopol, she asked can we go and buy some things for the dinner, I said off cause, and as it schould be paid, she asked do you have money. nwe came to the apt. and I had to pay for the apt that she has rented, I also had to pay for the driver. maybe okay I dont know all I know is that she had said that I would be her Guesst, ( and from experience in Russia I knows what this means, there it means that you insult the one that says that your her guesst ) The evening went away and she asked for to see the presents to her daughter and as she saw this she insisted on to get this with her at once, and the same with the presents to her Parents, ( and this is absolutly not normal, that a woman askes for this, in russia cause it is the way that you shows respect to the family as you goes for asking for there daughtewrs hand ) she got it with her. she left me in the apt. after this we had a restaurant visit on our anniversary day of our happy relationship, there she told me this

Status of report:  is still without proof

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