Scam report about Yulya 

First name:  Yulya
Location:  Samara or Moscow
Report:  It's hard to get much information from this scammer. I wrote to her because I was just curious to how absent-minded these scammers are. This one is very absent minded. This scammer wrote to me over 4 months ago and I never answered. I wrote to the scammer and explained that I didn't have internet access for a few months. The scammer believed me and was in love with me after three letters. The scammers claims to be in Moscow and arrived today(Christmas Day) and has already applied for a visa, medical papers, tickets, and other legal paperwork to America. How do you arrive in Moscow and on the same day already have applied for all these things especially on Christmas Day? This scammer said all they need is my full name, address, phone number, closest airport to my home, and social security number. This is information the travel agency will need the scammer said. I don't see why they need my social security number for anything. This scammer answers no questions directly asked. This has to be the stupidest scammer I have ever encountered in my life.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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