Scam report about Natasha Belova

First name:  Natasha
Last name:  Belova
Age:  31
Location:  russia
Report:  Hello Kent!!! I understand that you now are upset by that that Natasha has not arrived to you, but I wish to tell to you that it now to be in hospital. It is written to you Olga by friend Natasha. She spoke to me that told about me. With it there was a trouble. The bus in which it went to Moscow has had an accident. It could not go by train and has decided not to be late and go by the bus. The bus in which it went has moved down from road to a roadside and has turned over. It does not have strong traumas. At it a brain concussion and some bruises. She has told to me the password and the name and has told that I have written to you. She worries because of that that could not arrive to you. Doctors have told that soon will discharge her from hospital. She has told to me that I have written to you and have informed about all. She loves you. I hope that you will understand it. She loves you and will always love you. I will write to you tomorrow. I hope that you to answer it, and I will transfer it all that you will write.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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