Scam report about Deborah Chupco

First name:  Deborah
Last name:  Chupco
Aka:  Deborah Denson,Shota Maxwell, Jane Charlene
Age:  35
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Address:  10 Ladipo moore street, Surulere , Lagos
Phone:  011-234-81616-81068
Email: ,
On websites:  Deaf Match, Match, Yahoo Personals, Mate-1
Report:  I have been in contact with her for six months . She told me she worked as a computer specialist from the U.S. and was working in Nigeria for a month. She said she had a check for $79000. but she couldn't cash it Nigeria and asked for money to help her son for school test at first. Then she needed supplies for her job to finnish her work there and come back to the U.S. She said she needed money for her flight back to the U.S. On the way to the airport she was in a car wreck that she said killed the driver of the taxi. I got an E-mail from a doctor Van Cook at St. Andrew Hospital in very bad condition. ect. ect. She has taken me for over $20,000. and still wants more money to come home and marry me. She is very good at scaming ,along with a friend Idris Tiamiyu and Olusegum Adeokun , who I also sent money to for her. The last amount of money she wanted $6000. for an expired visa that I did not give her. She said she would cash her check when she got here and pay me back. She does belong in jail with her two friends. I only hope this helps other men before she scams them also. I met her on so be carefull. Roy, U.S.A.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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