Scam report about Kristina Hvan

First name:  Kristina
Last name:  Hvan
Age:  23
Location:  Lugansk/Ukraine
Address:  Gorodok Parchomenko, 49/2
Phone:  +380509321298
On websites:
Report:  This lady is a professional translation scammer on this site.After 2 letters she fall in love and use the page to make some extra cash together with her friend who works in the local agency.I write 1 letter and she answer with 2 letters in reply with 2 minutes time bedwen it.She wants that people open both letters.In the next day she send again a very important letter.She have to tell which food she was eat today.I bought her contact details to correspond with her personal.She never answer.She of course answer on the page to open her paid letters.I lost more than 200$ to read her scan messages.No personal letters were she answer any questions.All is standard that she dont loose her time. ((((((

Status of report:  is still without proof

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