Scam report about Ludmila 

First name:  Ludmila
Age:  30
Location:  Ukraine Stakhanov
On websites:  Inter Brides
Report:  Real ID: Anette Dawn Anette Dawn is a Hungarian pornstar. Aliases: Bridgett, Bridget, Anett Bocsi, Brigitte, Anett, Annetta Dawn, Annette Dawn, Heidi, Lyla Monroe Country: Hungary Town: Salgotarjan Ethnicity: Hungarian Birthday: 1978-05-09 I met them through the Internet. Claimed that she loves me and wants to marry me and claimed to have a single and has no in this world one else, and claimed that I only hope. Wanted my visit to my country. Requested the money to buy coupons Travel sent her babysit remittances through Western Union worth 2220 dollars. When I received the last money order made contact with me. Sent her a message about 150 large and 130 sent me a message. And we talked in the phone for about a month. Claimed to have booked an airline. And claimed that the embassy wants to traveler's checks. And also asked for 200 dollars to move from her hometown Slavjnosrbisk to Kiev where the airport. and sleep one night in Kiev before the date of travel. and claimed to have prepared for me gifts and her mother prepared me the plant from Ukraine and claimed that her father supplied me vodka and claimed to have supplied the clothes that I love ... etc. the back of each This is a lie and cheat. only concern is obtaining the money in any way. It's an impostor and a large professional. I saw her name and pictures posted on the sites of fraud and is stealing pictures of women are beautiful. And the circumstances of pornographic full of full nudity and full sex. It's a very serious woman. I ask the management of the Center for Women !!!!!!!!!! This woman wrote me a message, and 130 received a message from me about 150. Time spent in reading, writing and translation. About 4 hours a day and for 3 months. I ask again the status of women?? How can this woman do its job as a nurse dealing with patients and take care of them with the knowledge that their working hours from 8 am -4 pm. I want to answer a question of the status of women. That these fraudulent claims it works by a nurse.?? I trust every man and woman knows any information on this rogue to write to me at this address Raedmari me and him very much and I'm ready to continue typing and the establishment of friendship and acquaintance upright and exchange information with each woman and man send me any information for this woman, fraudulent. so that we can offer complete information on these rogue and delivered to the police, and even a lesson to others. and again, all thanks and appreciation and love for each woman and man send me any information no matter how simple this rogue. and will visit him at home or visit me at home even strengthen the link of love and friendship between us and he has the love and appreciation. NOTE: These women have multiple addresses and appears on the site Provaylha foreign brides and numbered 1254301796 Titles are: Identity number: 9521017235 from Ukraine Telephone numbers: phone of her work 00380996207251 00380500527007 00380959309380 00380953257455 Identity card number issued by the State Ukraine 9521017235 These figures, remittances sent by these fraudulent and received and also the date of each transfer. Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 327 USD 26.04.2010 MTCN: 125-740-4367 02:49:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 742 USD 16.05.2010 MTCN: 612-134-6171 12:41:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 537 USD 24.05.2010 MTCN: 365-170-8219 07:59:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 762 USD 01.06.2010 MTCN: 155-647-0999

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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