Scam report about Rose Jones

First name:  Rose
Last name:  Jones
Aka:  Rose
Age:  22
Location:  Dakar, Sengal
Phone:  +221-772-064-174
On websites:  contortionists unite
Report:  First Message Hello.My Name is rose i came across yourprofile today and i willlike you to email me back to my inbox sothat i can send you my picture for you to know who i am.i believe we canestablish a long lasting relationship with you.In addition,i willlike you to reply me through myprivate e mail box( is because i dont know the possibilities ofremainingin forum for a long time.Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest.rose. Second Message Hello Dear I am more than happy in your reply to my mail. How is yourday? Mine was hot over here in Dakar Senegal. My name is rose, I am a 22years old girl and single was about 1.72mtrs and about 45kg weight and have no child, havent married before,but your age did not make anything, all i am looking for is love,understanding,caring,and respect,i am from Liberia in West Africa and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country. My late father Dr Paul Jones was chairman managing director LEONARD'S INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD, in Monrovia and he is also the personal adviser to the former head of state before the rebels attacked our house one early morning killing my mother and my father.It was only me that is alive now and i managed to make My way to near by country Senegal where i am living now as a refugee, and this computer i am using is belonging to Reverend Father that has church here in the camp.I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture and i will like to see yours, Hoping to hear from you soonest. Yours rose. Third Message Dearest in heart, I am more than happy now in your reply to my mail. How is your day?.Mine is a bit hot here in Dakar Senegal. In this camp we are only we must go only on Mondays and Fridays from weeks. It 's just like a stay in prison, and I hope by the grace of God I will come out here soon. I have no siblings or relatives who can I go now, all my Relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person I have now is Rev John Paul, Rev of the (Sacred Heart Catholic Church) here in the Camp he was very nice to me since I came here, but I'm not living with him I'm leaving more in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women.The Rev Tel number is (+221-772-064-174) In case you want to call me, when you call tell him that you wants to talk to me he will send for me in the hostel to come and answer your call. As a refugee here I do not have a right or Privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. I want to go back to my studies because I only on my first Year in the university before the tragic incident occur, which to my being in this Situation has now taken place. Please listen to this, I have with me the certificate of deposit and death certificate here with me, I will send to you latter, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount in question $ U.S. 3.9Million Dollars.I have 15% of the total sum for your assistance and 5% for all costs are allocated. My dear the only hope I have now is this money my father left for me at bank which I am the next of kin .I inform the bank manager to help me, he said that I should look for a foreign partner, because of my refugee statutes here in Senegal. And I choose you because it is the will of God. And I believe knowing you will bring hope back again to my life. My choosing you does not means I do not have anybody. I have one uncle, that is my late father's younger brother whom I think is supposed to be taking care of me but he does not care, all he did was to sell my late father's houses and company to one Mr Philip Steven from united state and enjoy the money with his wife.I wanted to tell Philip about it but should my uncle know of the money, He can kill me, so as to take the money, it was as if my father saw their dead because he told the implication of having a big money in Africa and that was the reason why he made the deposit in European bank. I also believe that it is the will of God. So I would like you to help me transfer this money to your account and you can send some money for me to come get my traveling documents and air ticket to meet with you.I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person who knows is the Rev John Paul because he is like a father to me. So in the light of above i will like you think it's treated you very confidentially and will not tell it to anyone, because I'm afraid of losing my life and the money if people know about it. I will want you to promise me that you do not tell anyone, I like honest and understanding people, truthful and a person of vision, truth and hard. Have a nice day and think about me. Expecting to hear from you soon. Yours Rose. Fourth Message My dearest, Thank you for your mail my dear, how are you doing over there, I hope good? Please I really need this help from you, because I can not be in a position to carry out the transfer on myself because of my situation and the state here as a refugee. when I contacted the bank they told me that they cannot deal directly with me in this transfer due to my state and status here, so they advised me to present a person of my desire, who can and will be able to stand in my name and make the transfer. Then I discussed it with the Reverend, and he gave me seven days praying and fasting, and it was then I got your contact and told the Reverend about you and he prayed and ask me to go further with you, that's my reason to trust and to believe that you are the right person to help me. I'd rather have the details of this money and the necessary information so I believe you will stand for me in the transfer. dearest, I need your address and phone, so that i can give you the contact information of the bank for you to contact them to know when and how this money will be transfer to your possesion. At the moment I'm just here suffering in this difficult situation, so I'm hoping for your real help now to enable me start a new life soon. yours orphan, rose.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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