Scam report about Kathryn Daniel

First name:  Kathryn
Last name:  Daniel
Aka:  unknown kathedaniel900
Age:  30
Location:  London, United Kingdom
Address:  unknown 65 Upper Street Islington
Report:  I know it was stupid on my part, but over a span of about 3 weeks, I sent by Western Union a total of $2439.00(including WU fees)to this lady. On July 1, she claimed that she was going to be kicked out of her apartment if she did not pay $400.00. On July 14, I sent another $760.00 to help her get started in business. On July 18, she claimed that she needed $1100.00 to help her to buy the inventory to sell in her business and that she would be able to pay all my money back. She later e-mail me that she had been robbed by criminals and would not be able to pay me back. She later told me that she had a 2.3 million pound inheritance but she needed me to be next of kin because that was the only way that she could claim her inheritance.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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