SCAM REPORT ABOUT  eugenia nelson

First name: eugenia
Last name: nelson
Aka: eugenia denyou
Age: 34
Location: accra ghana
Address: po box nt96
Phone: keeps changing numbers
Email: eugenia nelson - eugenia
On websites: afro introduction/yahoo/
Report:     working with a mr morgan smith claiming to be an internet fraud investigator in accra ghana both working under the ghana police dept? to stop and arrest scammers, they sent me a dhl receipt for return money lost from others scamms in ghana and nigeria ,sent money to get this dhl and requested a tracking number, they gave me a 5 digit no, where dhl has 10 numbers in there { way bill } sent $750 dollars to this fraud unite both were involved in using as i trusted this being from a police dept? but found all to be a fraud after writing to the state dept in ghana, told me this was all a fraud. they sent me fraudlent documents that dhl had never seen and was made up from morgan smith, she was supposed to be coming to me to the usa and was holding this recipt of dhl and would not give me the trace no. called dhl and could not find anything sent me thru there names, called flights and airlines from ghana to the usa to me , she was not listed on any airlines leaving ghana or to the usa to me , all was a fraud to me and another scam ,will have them both found for internet fraud and scamming me, havent heard from either as they both will not reply emails ,as they forever change them , ip addresses are hidden , but can be traced thru domain in email headers to track them. both are very shrewed and shouldnt not be trusted at all , she is quite a scammer and will hide all from you. wont be seen on a cam ,she may call at times but hear background noises coming from a internet cafe.
Status of report: is still without proof