Scam report about daniel wilfred

First name:  daniel
Last name:  wilfred
On websites:  craigslist, yahoo messenger
Report:  Show Recent Messages (F3) Daniel Wilfred: Sandra , can we get related and make real cash in a very short while for a better life we ever deserve ? blkbarbie478: dude i tell you what if you make 500.00 appear maybe but basically this is the same old scam i used way back when Daniel Wilfred: Sandra can we deal together i bet you're going to be a great asset to me .and in a very short while we make good amount of money and get off the street . i know you're a street lady too blkbarbie478: oh really let me guess you got some fake checks for me to deposit into my account Daniel Wilfred: No ! you will be receiving your percentage via western union . not check . Daniel Wilfred: you're to get 20% per transaction blkbarbie478: lol oh really blkbarbie478: wow 20% i am just over come with joy Daniel Wilfred: yes . and for your saftety i've my network all over the globe you've got nothing to worry about . blkbarbie478: is that right Daniel Wilfred: Beside i believe you're a very smart lady . Daniel Wilfred: yes blkbarbie478: well lets see you make magic blkbarbie478: you make 500.00 appear in my paypal account and i will do you some favors that could be very profitable blkbarbie478: you have nothing to lose and alot to gain Daniel Wilfred: You've to work out some deal first . blkbarbie478: I have access to 10peoples name address drivers license number social security number date of birth blkbarbie478: i can set up accounts in their names over the internet you forward me the money orders or the checks i will have them deposited into the accounts once they clear you will be wired or you can your self can remove the funds and give me my 30% blkbarbie478: and i have an endless supply of these names dobs ssn's and dl#s blkbarbie478: like you said we can make plenty of money Daniel Wilfred: WOW ! that's sounds great ! Sandra Daniel Wilfred: Then let's get down to business we've got no time to waste here blkbarbie478: take a chance on me i promise you i'll come threw with lots of valuable info blkbarbie478: by all means Daniel Wilfred: Sandra like to know if you can clear bank log in ? blkbarbie478: yes blkbarbie478: hack accounts Daniel Wilfred: i've some business associates in the states that i want to clear and transfer funds from their full bank info you're to get 30% from each transaction Daniel Wilfred: No they're not hack account they're very valid and real account with high balance in it blkbarbie478: ok blkbarbie478: as i stated i need an advance of 500.00 if your as successful you say you are i am sure you can manage that Daniel Wilfred: Yes of course , but i'm a bit cash traped at the moment i just bought a home in the united kingdom .that why am trying to make some more funds blkbarbie478: 500.00 I am sure you can come with I am not a rookie blkbarbie478: if your half as successful as you claim to be I am sure 500.00 is megar blkbarbie478: i could have asked for 5000.00 this worries me blkbarbie478: hard to scam a scammer don't you agree Daniel Wilfred: yes of course . but this no more scam we are on deal blkbarbie478: well don't keep me waiting on that 500 blkbarbie478: hum disappointment Daniel Wilfred: Sandra i can't get the 500 at the moment .i think we should re agree on this deal . the first transaction is going to be 50% to 50% . is that a deal if yes let's get down to business . $500 is just a peanut compare to what's is as take blkbarbie478: no deal 500 up front i don't re negoiate those are my terms take it or leave it i suggest you take it blkbarbie478: wow your a busy boy blkbarbie478: Deposit Details Deposit Number: GSC-O576-PLG45 Sort/Clearance Code: GSC/576-45/MP56 33 Deposit Certificate #: MPL-GSC-405576 Consignment Description: 2 Travelling Boxes Depositor: Miss messy romson Contact of Security Company Company: GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY Contact Person: Mr Daniel Wilfred (Custodian Manager) Contact Email: Contact Tel: +234-80-60197183,2348028468337 Daniel Wilfred: Sandra forget about all this . i explain myself to you . if you want to make money let's get started or we back up .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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