Scam report about Tola Morgan

First name:  Tola
Last name:  Morgan
Aka:  becky
Age:  32
Location:  Nigeria
On websites:
Report:  She said, she is from uk, her dad died in nigeria,he was a oil owner or something and he let her 100,000000,but she can't hav't cuz the government of that country want the money, so she said need 250, to pay some diplomatic busines to send me the money by fedex, and I send it, but in the airport, one of the package fell of and drop all the money, and the autorities get the other trhee packages , and now she need 6,000 to guive to the nigerian lawyers to proof the money is not of mafia or something, be carefull witt tola morgan, I tell'her don't have that money, and after few weeks she said don't have more money to pay hotel and food, she is good liyng, she is very good to make'u feel gulty..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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