Scam report about Priscilla Bruce

First name:  Priscilla
Last name:  Bruce
Aka:  Princess Bruce
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana - might be USA now
Phone:  011233247255525 - Kwame Nyarko-phone number-026067332
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  Since Sept 2010 starting wiring money to her/him-have same birth date-the wire transfer was to KWAME NYARK-she was to get on flight BA4477 from Accura to Heathrow, London to JFK to Mpls/St on Feb 4,2010 she was to board flight- before boarding she needed 1000 to purchase gold - she said she paid 500usd - she told Ghana police i wired the money and let her get on flight- she/he said she was detained by Heathrow police and Kwame Nyarko was detained by Ghana police until i wired 1000 - wired it and she/he text and said they wanted 500usd and only wired 100usd- and never heard from she/him-all together since Sept i wired 3550USD - all of them was to Kwame Nyarko except 2 - one to Priscilla bruce and other to a secretary-she/he claimed Kwame Nyarko was her manager- i'm reporting this because i don 't want anybody else to become a victim - i'll be contacting western union tomorrow - thank you _ Richard

Status of report:  is still without proof

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